Salespeople who sell value win more deals, faster, and at higher prices.

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We work with companies that want to
win more business at higher prices

Customers ask for discounts. Salespeople try to say “no” but they rarely succeed. Most know they’re supposed to sell value, but don’t know how. This book reveals how buyers discover value, and how salespeople can help.


Since you are reading this book, someone likely told you to “sell value”.  You probably heard someone say, “stop selling features and sell value instead.”  This is brilliant advice, but it’s flawed.  I rarely meet anyone (other than pricing professionals) who even knows what value means.  How can you be expected to sell value when your colleagues don’t understand it?  The people who built your products probably don’t understand value.  The people who market your products probably don’t understand value.  Your boss probably doesn’t understand value.  


These are some bold words, and they are not meant to hurt anyone.  How can you know what you haven’t been taught?  


As a pricing person, I focus on a concept called Value-Based Pricing.  It means charge what your customers are willing to pay.  I’ve spent years learning how buyers value products.  And I’ve spent years teaching people about pricing and value, which is how I know most people don’t understand value.  

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Hard Copy

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  • “Stop selling features and sell value,” they say. It’s brilliant advice, but rarely does anyone know what value means. This book is aimed at helping salespeople win more deals at higher prices by learning how to sell value. Get your copy today! Available for US residents.

Accelerate Your Subscription Business Course

Your Blueprint to Packaging & Pricing for Growth

With the extedned book package you will receive the information YOU need in order to drive growth in your subscription business. Clarity and certainty will be established around which tasks drive growth at your current stage.  Subscription business models are new and confusing. You are extremely busy creating and implementing products and programs. You and others have so many more ideas than resources.  This course provides you the framework to think about subscription businesses that will give you the tools and the confidence to prioritize your activities.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • The three revenue buckets and how they drive your prioritization
  • The three value levers you can pull to create and capture more value
  • Which growth strategies are best for you based on the life cycle of your product
  • The four ways you can grow revenue from a single customer

We work with companies that want to
win more business at higher prices

  Mark Stiving, Pricing Expert

Mark has been curious about pricing since being a child when he wondered why companies use 99 cents as price endings and later studied that topic in his doctoral program at UC Berkeley. He has researched pricing, was a pricing executive at a $2.5B semiconductor company, and used pricing when starting and selling three companies.


Mark’s mission is to educate salespeople about value-based pricing, which simply means charge what a customer is willing to pay. Once a company starts down that path, it’s quickly apparent that they require a much deeper understanding of value and that’s when they bring in Mark to  help connect the dots.

  About The Author

Mark Stiving is a pricing educator and advisor with a Ph.D. in pricing from U.C. Berkeley and more than 25 years of experience helping companies increase profits through value-based pricing. Stiving has helped esteemed companies like ADP, Cisco, Fiserve, Sabre, Splunk, and ThermoFisher as well as hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. He is the author of two previous books Impact Pricing – Your Blueprint for Driving Profits and Win keep Grow – How to Price and Package to Accelerate your Subscription Business. Mark hosts the popular podcast Impact Pricing. See more content from him at Mark lives in Reno, NV with his wife Carol and dog Jake.

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